Immune Health is All in Our Gut - FREE

Immune Health is All in Our Gut - FREE

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The Immune System is often highlighted as being of utmost importance. This is certainly true, and now more than ever people are looking for ways to strengthen and boost their immune systems. But one of the things I wanted to highlight in this course is understanding how the immune system works and how the gut is the root and core of our immune system. We will talk about how the gut works and what role it plays in the immune function in our bodies. We will cover tactics to create a healthy gut that will in turn create a strong foundation for our immune systems. 

Many people try to supplement to boost their immune systems and this can be beneficial but in this course we want to cover some lifestyle practices that create a healthy gut from the outside in. Then after those foundational elements are discussed we can move into some beneficial supplements for the gut and immune system. 

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