Caring Well for Your Postpartum Mind

Caring Well for Your Postpartum Mind

Have you ever heard mothers around you say, "I wish they had that when I was pregnant!" 

This course is that "thing"! 

Sweet Momma, in this course you are not only going to prepare yourself for motherhood and all things after baby, but you are also going to step into your purpose in life that extends beyond motherhood. 

Motherhood is a life-changing experience that awakens bits of you that you might have never known existed. 

Are you ready to unearth your inner mother and set you and your family up for success in these beautiful years of growing your family? 

We think you are, and you found the best place to do it! 

In this course you will get to enjoy:

  • A free 30-minute coaching call with our very own Maternal Mental Health Counselor
  • An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant at your fingertips 
  • A Support community that is beside you 100 % 
  • Maternal Meditations customized just for you
  • Deep dive practices that are proven to create results of clarity and purposeful living

For every course that is purchased, you are helping to advocate for young girls who are victims of sex trafficking on the Island of Oahu. We are proud partners with Ho'olanapua a local non-profit that advocates for, and is working to create a haven to rehabilitate and restore these survivors. 

30 day money back guarantee 

9 Modules

Welcome to the Course

Welcome! This is one of the most important things that you can do as a mother. This is the first step to thriving postpartum. 

Our Why & Why You Made The Right Choice

Amazing mothers like YOU are why we created this course! here is our story and why it matters to you! 

Welcome to the Course : Kiersten's Story

Meet Kiersten the co-creator of How to Thrive Postpartum. Here she will share her postpartum story and why she knew she needed to connect with new moms. 

Welcome to the Course : Danica's Story

Meet Danica the co-creator and amazing photographer behind  this course. Here Danica shares her moving postpartum story and why she cares about mothers, like you, so much! 

Guided Meditation- Tranquil

Meditation is a powerful way to recenter as a mother. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and increase the overall sense of wellbeing. There are tons of health benefits to meditating on a regular basis including reducing anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, increasing the ability to be kind, and so many more!

Free time for moms is not in ample supply so we made this easy for you to use on the go!

Pop in some earbuds when your baby is napping, or if you're on a walk, or even in the car!

Taking small steps to care for your body and mind as a mother is essential to thriving and serving your family with the best you have to offer!
You are a strong and capable momma! Enjoy this meditation and refocus on your peace and tranquility.

Find Your Inner Mother

Understanding who you are as a mother is the first and most important step to thriving in your fourth trimester and beyond!

Stand in Your Confidence!

You have everything you need to confidently navigate the twists and turns of motherhood! Above all you now have a whole tribe of fellow mothers and professionals supporting you and cheering you on!

Modules for this product 9
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