Caring for Your Core After Birth- Exercise and Rehabilitation Guide

Caring for Your Core After Birth- Exercise and Rehabilitation Guide

Have you ever heard mothers around you say, "I wish they had that when I was pregnant!" 

This course is that "thing"! 

Sweet Momma, in this course you are not only going to prepare yourself for motherhood and all things after baby, but you are also going to step into your purpose in life that extends beyond motherhood. 

Motherhood is a life-changing experience that awakens bits of you that you might have never known existed. 

Are you ready to unearth your inner mother and set you and your family up for success in these beautiful years of growing your family? 

We think you are, and you found the best place to do it! 

In this course you will get to enjoy:

  • A Support community that is beside you 100 % 
  • Maternal Meditations customized just for you
  • Exercise videos for you to follow along with 

For every course that is purchased, you are helping to advocate for young girls who are victims of sex trafficking on the Island of Oahu. We are proud partners with Ho'olanapua a local non-profit that advocates for, and is working to create a haven to rehabilitate and restore these survivors. 

30 day money back guarantee 

6 Modules

Learn How to Care for Your Postpartum Body

Let's break the silence on what really happens to our bodies after baby.

In the last module, we touched on what you may experience after having a baby.

In this module, we are going to dive in deep to study effective ways to care for your body and action steps to prepare you, your home, and your support team for your postpartum recovery.

After this section, you can rest easy that you have all the important parts in place for after your baby comes. And even if you have given birth already you will know exactly how your support group and birth partner can most effectively help you.

Body Love - Reclaiming Respect for our Bodies

As a mother, we go from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy, to breastfeeding, we sometimes even breastfeed while pregnant or breastfeed multiple babies. There is a lot of flux with the physical state of our bodies.

For many, it is not easy to go through this much change. In this lesson, we are going to talk about important ways to respect our bodies every day and remain grounded even through all the big changes we experience as mothers. 

Creators of Thrive Postpartum : Kiersten's Story

Hey, I'm Kiersten! I am a Rocky Mountain born woman living on the Island of Oahu with my family. I am so blessed to be living out my dreams of seeing mothers thrive and live with confidence and motherly grit. Here is my story and why "How to Thrive Postpartum" was created!

Co-Creator of Thrive Postpartum : Danica's Story

Hey! I am Danica Donnelly! I am a mama of two sweet boys living in Colorado Springs. I work as a photographer capturing real and raw moments for families from birth to everyday life. Here is my story about entering into motherhood and why I am so passionate about helping mothers worth through and celebrate the difficult things.

Share The Mother Love

You have everything you need to confidently enter into your motherhood journey (or journey as a mother of multiples)! Above all you now have a whole support group of fellow mothers and professionals supporting you and cheering you on!

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