How to Thrive Postpartum - Your Complete Guide!

How to Thrive Postpartum - Your Complete Guide!


  • Are you excited to welcome your new baby into the world but have no idea what to expect once you and baby are home?
  • Do you wonder why there is so much talk and excitement about pregnancy and birth but for some reason, no one talks about what happens to your body after giving birth?
  • Do you want to prepare for your postpartum care but have no idea where to begin or how to piece together what you need to know?
  • Want to know what is the norm after birth but nervous to know what the warning signs are?
  • Do you want your partner to be equipped to support you but not sure what you will need from them after you give birth?

Well, you don't have to wonder about these things anymore. 

How to Thrive Postpartum is your complete guide! This course will give you knowledge and support to heal holistically postpartum. 

Stop googling how to prepare for your recovery.

Join this course and leave the guessing game in the past. 

Included in the course:

  • Life-changing practices to prepare your mind for the work of mothering and prepare your soul to rest in the confidence of your unique journey on this path
  • The real, raw truth about what happens to your body and mind after baby - there's no holding back - and what you can do about it
  • How to heal your postpartum body through gentle, regenerative exercise and holistic nutrition
  • What to expect when it comes to your mental health, which is so essential in thriving during postpartum and motherhood
  • Breastfeeding basics so you can navigate this territory with ease
  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive support from mothers who are going through this alongside you

Amazing FREE bonuses:

  • A FREE 30-minute coaching call with our very own coach who specializes in maternal mental health - worth $169
  • A gorgeous workbook with cutting edge exercises to unearth your inner mother - worth $99
  • Audio meditations for each section - worth $179
  • BONUS module for partners - worth $199

Total Value: $999
Today's Price: $397

Just as preparing for birth is essential, preparing for postpartum is also vital for you and your family’s well-being. It is non-negotiable to make sure that you will be well supported and cared for as a new mom. 

Investing in you is not selfish. It is filling the cup that will be pouring out so much each day!

So fill your cup mama and begin your course right now!

For every course that is purchased, you are helping indigenous women in Hawaii get the support and care they need postpartum. 

10 Modules

Welcome & First Steps

Congratulations! You have made the first step to having an AMAZING transition into motherhood and life as a mother! This first module is going to dip your toes into what we are going to cover in this course! Are you ready to Thrive Postpartum sweet momma?

Step 1: Find Your Inner Mother

Maternal instincts are real and powerful! The ability to stand as a mother, authentic to your self and confident in your role is a fierce stance in life and an impactful way to raise a family.

In this module, we are going to guide you through proven practices to help you unearth the core of your being and what is most important to you as a woman and as a mother.

These practices are life-changing, so when you go through them take your time. Allow yourself to really think through your answers because these answers will help you to shape the mother you want to be.

You will be able to come back to these practices over and over to recenter and maybe even do-over from time to time as you grow and change through all life seasons!

Step 2: Understand What to Expect

No one ever talks about what they experience after having a baby. There is rarely an honest open discussion with other women or even our partners about what we are experiencing. It is time to open up about what to expect so that we are equipped and we know how to address all the intricacies of recovering from birth and re-integrating back into the world as a new mother or as a mother of multiples. In this module you are going to learn all the "need to knows" and feel beyond ready and prepared for whatever may come your way after baby and you are home.

Step 3: Learn How to Care for Your Postpartum Body

Let's break the silence on what really happens to our bodies after baby.

In the last module, we touched on what you may experience after having a baby.

In this module, we are going to dive in deep to study effective ways to care for your body and action steps to prepare you, your home, and your support team for your postpartum recovery.

After this section, you can rest easy that you have all the important parts in place for after your baby comes. And even if you have given birth already you will know exactly how your support group and birth partner can most effectively help you.

Step 4: Learn How to Nourish Yourself Postpartum

Nutrition Postpartum often gets forgotten as a new mother. It is so easy to slip into survival mode in the early months postpartum when all our focus is usually on baby and the bare necessities of caring for ourselves.

Nutrition is an integral part of healing as a mother and being able to sustain a newborn.

A well-stocked postpartum pantry is everything when it comes to recovery and replenishing your body.

In this section, you will learn how to honor the various phases of healing. You will also learn how to support your body with whole foods and herbs. 

Step 5: Learn How to Care for Your Postpartum Mind

A lot of times people avoid talking about postpartum depression out of fear. But when we know about it then we can understand how to navigate it successfully!

Understanding maternal mental health is essential for new moms to thrive! 

This section includes everything you will need to know concerning your mental well being after baby arrives and how to make sure you are aware of indicators where professional help might be necessary. 

Stand in Your Confidence!

You have everything you need to confidently enter into your motherhood journey (or journey as a mother of multiples)! Above all you now have a whole support group of fellow mothers and professionals supporting you and cheering you on!

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